Female Genital Mutilation,
my way of saying NO

Even in 2013, saying no to genital mutilation is still an act of bravery. A traditional female circumciser burying her knife, a mother saying no to her in-laws, a doctor refusing to be part of these practices: they all take a risk by saying “NO” to female genital mutilation.

We went out to meet the men and women in Europe (Belgium, France, Great-Britain) and Africa (Senegal, Djibouti, Guinea) who, each in their own way stand up against FGM.

The result is a series of portraits (text and photos) that pay tribute to these people. An itinerant exhibition will tour in public places (stations, parliaments, community centers, etc.) to sensibilize politicians, health- and education professionals, and citizens of Europe and Africa, and raise awareness to modes of resistance against FGM.

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